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Chad H. Olson has “lived” as a CEO of large franchise companies for 30-years. Having an “insiders” knowledge of the unfair leverage that Franchisors have over first-time Franchise Candidate applicants, and as a way to not lose sight of his roots and to pay-it-forward to those needing it the most, each week he takes a break from his Venture Capital business and volunteers 15-hours to provide free “insider” franchise consulting to a select few first-time franchise candidates. During this consulting time, he “lives” to help others attain the same happiness, fulfillment, and wealth from the franchising industry that has blessed his life.

After graduating from Weber State University with a B.S. in Accounting, Chad’s first job was as a Controller for Adventureland Video, which grew to 450 video franchises. Being a born entrepreneur, and seeing the power and success of franchising, Chad knew that franchising would become the business model that he would leverage to start a business and, at the same time, help others gain financial success through becoming franchisees, so he quickly ventured off as an entrepreneur into the world of franchising.

Franchise companies that he’s founded or co-founded and led as CEO have sold over 500 franchises, in all 50 states and six countries—the highest profile being a 210 store franchise chain called Pro Image Sports ( which sold licensed team NFL, NBA, MLB, & NCAA apparel. With only $1,000 start-up capital and no other debt or equity invested, Chad and his brother, Kevin, grew this company to be Inc. Magazines #160 Fastest Growing Small Business in the U.S. with 1000 system-wide employees and doing $100 million in annual sales.

Chad was the co-founder and CEO of Kartoyz, a mall-based business which specialized in retailing licensed automotive apparel and branded merchandise. He also was the founder and CEO of Sadie's—a unique chain of creative children's digital photography stores located in malls throughout the country.  Prior to Sadie’s, he started and led I.N.V.U. Portraits to 68 franchises, which made it the world's largest chain of children's vintage photography franchises. During this same time, Chad was a partner, Board member and actively assisted his brother, Kevin, in innovating and growing a mall based fast food specialty concept, called Nach-O Fast, to 65 franchise stores.

Outside of franchising, Chad has founded, grown and had successful exits in technology ( app development (, manufacturing & distribution (I.N.V.U. Apparel) and several other companies, some of which were the first or top in their industries.

Chad has consulted and trained both Franchisors & Franchisees, written FDD’s (Franchise Disclosure Documents), been an active Workshop Moderator for the IFA (International Franchise Association), key-note speaker at Franchise Conventions, Universities, Business Conferences, and written on Franchising.

Because of Chad’s business venture successes, he has received recognition on numerous media outlets such as CNN and NBC and featured in magazines such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Success, and Inc. He has also received numerous honors, including the National Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Chivas Regal. He was also named the Utah Small Business Person of the Year by the SBA. From there, he went on to receive the National Small Business Person of the Year Second Runner-up award presented by President George Bush at the White House. He was named as the Inc. Magazine/Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year and was inducted into the Institute of American Entrepreneurs.

Chad is still a Managing Director of his business called Green Leader Ventures—a private equity fund and accelerator to help fund budding entrepreneurs. However, after all he’s been through, Chad’s true satisfaction comes from seeing the numerous people he’s helped become wealthy and then finding and mentoring others, with those same passions and desires, to become the next successful franchisee entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about Chad at and or reach him at or calling 858 205-4092.
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Chad H. Olson
Franchise Consultant
10125 N. Riverside Lane
Highland, Utah, 84003

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In the White House, President George Bush presents Chad Olson the Small Business Person of The Year Second Runner-up Award.
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The Pro Image 200th store opening at the Delta Center with Chad & Kevin Olson, Utah Jazz owner Larry H. Miller and Utah Gov. Norm Bangerter.