Free Consultation for franchises

Free Consultation

Receive a FREE Consultation by an experienced franchise investigation specialist. If not satisfied at any time you are not obligated to use our services and you may opt out.

Not only is your initial consultation FREE, your consultant will NEVER ask you for money. If you buy a franchise from any of the franchise companies he presents, his services are compensated by the franchisor. They cannot charge the candidate any extra to buy the franchise, so their services are completely FREE to you.

By filling out the request form below, you will be contacted by Kevin Olson, Chad Olson, Brian Melaney or one of their assistants. You will have a short conversation to determine your needs, answer your initial questions and see if it is worthwhile for you to continue through the investigation process.

What is next?

If you decide you are interested in using our services, your consultant and you will set up a time for a free franchise consultation. Here your franchise specialist will take you through an interview and teaching process to assess your needs and teach you some steps on how to investigate any franchise company. Your consultant will ask you questions about your needs, wants, skills and talents. Your specialist, with your help will determine what franchise businesses you can afford and how best you might be able to finance the business.

Franchise Consulting

What happens after my consultation?

Your franchise consultant will review your information and then search through our data base of hundreds of franchise companies to determine a few which might match you and your needs. He will then present what he has found for you.

If you are interested in any of the franchise companies, you will then be introduced to them and the investigation process begins.

Will I receive help in evaluating the franchise companies?

Your consultant will assist you in the process, but the actual investigation process will be up to you. It is your decision and yours alone, but with the help of the franchisor and reading materials given to you from different sources, you will be comfortable with the knowledge you have received during your investigation. Your consultant should also be a valuable resource for you.

I am interested, what do I do now?

It is simple, just fill out the information request form below and a consultant or one of their assistants will contact you within a few days (usually less than 12 business hours).