Why FranchiseInvestigate?

FranchiseInvestigate (FI) is a web site owned by TYKO, Inc. an independent but a licensed affiliate of The Franchise Alliance, Inc. (TFA), a leading network of Franchise Consultants in the USA. TFA has over 30-years worth of experience dealing with Franchisors and has licensed affiliates in the United States and Canada. Presently FranchiseInvestigate under TFA is presenting over 300 of the top franchise companies in the industry. Your qualified consultant with FI will present to you those companies best fitting your needs, skills, talents and pocket book.

Franchise Consultant

Franchise chain founded in 1985 by Kevin Olson

Not only is your initial consultation FREE, your consultant will NEVER ask you for money. If you buy a franchise from any of the franchise companies he presents, his services are compensated by the franchisor. They cannot charge the candidate any extra to buy the franchise, so his services are entirely FREE to you.

One of your FI consultants, Mr. Olson has over 30 years worth of franchise experience both as a franchisee of multiple franchise companies and has also been the owner and founder of two International franchise companies. He has established and owned many other businesses. Read about the background of consultant, Kevin Olson.   Other consultants affiliated with FI have similar franchise experience.

Why would anyone looking to buy a franchise or take advice from someone who has never owned a franchise? Why would anyone consider risking their future and their hard earned money or waste time with a consultant who knows nothing about what makes a franchise business good or bad? The answer is THEY SHOULD NOT!

The book, The Educated Franchisee states, “Good consultants are going to give you solid advice to make sure you’re properly educated about the overall investigative process.” The more expertise your consultant has regarding how franchises work and what to look for, the better off you will be as you investigate any franchise business. Only take advice from someone who is very experienced in franchising or has owned a few and knows what they are doing.

For the past 30-years the franchise consultants from this web site have placed hundreds of candidates into different franchise businesses.

Finding the right FREE help by a qualified consultant is important. Don’t accept anything less!

To talk with qualified consultant, Kevin Olson just click on the button below and follow instructions. You will then be contacted shortly.